Chloe & Paul

West Sussex wedding photography Fitzleroi Barn

West Sussex wedding photography Fitzleroi Barn

``The photo’s are great! Thank you so much!`` – Chloe & Paul

Documentary wedding photography

People sometimes ask me whether I prefer photographing weddings in hotels, rustic barns, country houses, urban wine bars, on the beach or in a club. And I always say the same thing: I really don’t care. Honestly. I love photographing in stunning locations, but in the end it’s not really about buildings or where you are. Weddings are about people and the joy of bringing everyone together for one special day.

This is why I love documentary and street photography, where life is captured as it really is – funny, revealing, emotional and beautiful. Why would you want anything else on your wedding day?! And when I say ‘Beautiful’ I mean ‘Beautiful’. There is so much beauty around us – we just have to know where to look. I hope that comes through in the pictures of Chloe and Paul’s wedding below.

When Chloe first contacted me she said that she really liked my style, that my pictures told a story. Only candid photography can do this, and, of course, to do it well you need to know what makes an interesting photograph and what’s just another throwaway snap. (Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes I do take posed and group pictures too, if you want me to.)

A Fitzleroi Barn wedding, West Sussex

Ok, so having said all of that, I was really pleased that Chloe and Paul chose to have their wedding in some of England’s prettiest countryside. Deep in the South Downs of West Sussex, near the handsome village of Petworth, lies Fitzleroi Barn on the farm of the same name. It’s just about the perfect place for a rustic, laid-back wedding with everything you need for a lovely day with family and friends.

Getting ready at the Angel Inn, Midhurst

The whole wedding party got ready at the historic Angel Inn up the road in Midhurst. It’s a 17th Century coaching inn. Four-poster beds and beams, etc. You know the type of thing. Very nice.

Hope you like the pictures!

If you’re looking for a documentary wedding photographer to tell the story of your wedding at Fitzleroi Barn, or any other location, I’d love you to get in touch.